What do we have to lose? How about Everything

In case you missed it, earlier this week, The Donald - in typical Trump fashion -  made his pitch to the American people as to why he should be the next president of these United States. This time, however, Trump decided to gather up every ounce of gaul he could manage to hold in those infant sized hands of his and throw something against the wall and see if it sticks... that day - for whatever reason - he decided to declare himself the champion of the Black communities ills and called on blacks to support him. His message was clear (and incoherent), sweepingly presumptive (and categorically inaccurate), bold (and audaciously disgusting), and pointed (yet tragically misguided) all wrapped up in a five sentence blurt of self-righteous, pompous word-vomit. His pitch to black folk?

"You're living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs. 58% of your youth are unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?"

Let's see... Where do I start? 


I guess a bit of background would be a good starting point. In case you've been living under a rock for the past year and a half, Trump has had a bit of trouble gaining support from anyone who is not a white, working class, uneducated, property owning, confederate flag wving male with a twinge (or more) of racism. Early in the primary season, Trump attempted to reach out to blacks by gathering a group of the slickest, shuck-and-jivingest, holy prayer water in a bottle pushingest, black bibles hustlers he could muster for an endorsement from the "black church folk". He then appointed Omarosa -yes, that Omarosa - the chair of negro outreach. He followed that up by employing two loud-mouthed internet side show attention seekers by the name of Diamond and Silk. All of this in blatant, Fuzzy Zellar-esque effort to say "Hey, I'm not racist... see, the blacks love me".


News flash folks... the "Blacks" don't love Trump. Traditionally, Republicans have been able to garner anywhere between five and ten-percent of the black vote, Bush II received 12 percent at one time. Trump is currently polling between zero (0) and two-percent. But what are polls anyways? It not like its empirical evidence of support or anything...That doest stop Trump from proclaiming himself the savior of the black community in a room full of suburban caucasians - ironically in the same room that also managed to kick an ACUTAL BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTER out of the fall because his skin was too brown. How does reach out to "the Blacks"? Through a series of misleading and factually inaccurate brush-stroke statements that paint the Black Community as the downtrodden of society waiting for Captain Trump to sweep in on his white horse and save us from ourselves. Forget the fact than more African Americans have ascended to the middle class than any other time in history, that HBCU's are producing black college educated and graduate-level graduates at rates higher than predominately white schools, that blacks are among those who are creating startup businesses, making pushes in the tech industry and other sectors that were once thought to be out of reach. Forget reality. Forget that Blacks aren't the only ones with a segment of their population that lives in poverty, that whites make up an overwhelming majority of welfare recipients, that Whites (just like blacks) got destroyed by the recession created by the last Republican president. You want us to vote for you.

Here's the kicker...  the "why"...

Why should we - as a people - throw our collective support around you? Do you offer proposals to remedy the ills you laid out? Do you explain how you would better serve the our community better than Clinton? Do you give us anything to hope for? Nope. Your "why"- the deciding factor as to why we should trust you in the worlds most powerful elected office -"What do you have to lose"... essentially translated to "Fuck it, it couldn't get any worse, could it?". It absolutely could.

What do we have to lose? How about a leader?

The presidency requires class, poise, even temperament, good judgement, care, and sense. It requires someone that is not afraid to admit he doesn't know everything and can't fix everything. It requires a person who can stand in the face of adversity and not self destruct. You have none of those qualities. For the past 8 years we have had that. A vote for you would ensure that we would lose that.

What do we have to lose? How about progress?

We just went through a transformational period where the first Black man was elected to the highest office in the land. Through the vitriol, through the hatred, through the dysfunction, OUR president made it through eight years of hell. You want us to vote for someone with a proven record of racism - rather it be through your comments about the Mexican American federal judge overseeing your fraudulent "Trump University" case, or through the racist posts on social media, or through your racist attack on the president, himself. You want us to support someone who refused to disavow support from David Duke and countless White Nationalist organizations who support you. You want us to vote for someone who's campaign rallies resemble Klan rallies, and chants of "Hang that nigger" can be heard at any given moment? You want us to support an agenda that pledges to take us back to a time where "punching peaceful protesters in the face was completely acceptable" and you encourage your crazed followers to do the same now?

What do we have to lose? How about our rights?


Speaking of protest, less than a month ago, your party declared Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization - despite its history of peaceful protests. You threw (and continue to throw) peaceful protesters out of your venues, you wage wars with the media and the dissemination of information, and pledge to require religious tests to enter the country and have muslims deported... and Im just on the first amendment. You will singlehandedly dismantle the constitution within your first 100 day if elected president - from due process, to citizenship, to voting rights. In a country where Republican states are frantically pushing through voter suppression laws, restrictive LGBT policies, and Religious restrictions, a republican presidency - especially a Trump presidency - means there are no executive checks in place to ensure that our  rights are preserved.

What do we have to lose? How about our protection?


While conservatives at the Republican National Convention threw a party to celebrate the acquittal of the murderers of Freddy Gray, the Justice Department found Baltimore Police Department, like Chicago, like Ferguson, like countless other departments across the country to be ripe with corruption, a culture of embedded racism and racially driven policing policies, and a complete lack of accountability. Meanwhile, you cheered on another murder of an unarmed citizen and declared yourself the "law and order candidate". You also vowed to appoint the most extreme conservative justices to the bench of the Supreme Court, our last line of defense against a republican agenda that has worked for the the past two decades to disenfranchise people of color, take control of the female body, and deny rights to millions of people who can't defend themselves. Presidential appointments are among the most impactful decisions a person occupying the Oval Office can make, and how can we trust a person who can't decide of a campaign manager to properly appoint lifetime public servants to jus where you can't just say "you're fired".

What do we have to lose? EVERYTHING

Americans, more specifically African Americans, stand to take significant losses in every facet of life under a Donald Trump presidency. Rather it be through the dismantling of constitutionally granted rights, the abolishment of administrative and legal checks and balances, or even the loss of peace of mind among the black community, Donald Trump is the most dangerous presidential candidate to the health and well-being of the African American community since the civil rights movement ended. It doesn't matter what paid "help" you parade in front of the camera to paint yourself as Black Jesus, we don't believe you.