Karma's A Bitch, and Donald Trump is Proof

There is an old adage that continues to prove itself to be true.

"You reap what you sow"

Seven years ago, the Republican Party huddled in their secret basement laboratory in the Capitol and devised a magical formula to recapture the Oval Office.   Demographically, the country was changing. Politically, the dynamics were shifting. The result, the GOP took a electoral shellacking of historic proportion. Their idea was half mad scientist, half paranoia filled bigotry, and 100% desperation. The final product: the GOP pledged to make President Barack Obama a "one term President"... by any means necessary. 

Their mastermind plan involved creating a new "reality"; one where a socialist, immigrant, Muslim managed to infiltrate the sacred walls of the Washington, began spreading un-American values, and threatened the very fabric of this "great nation". In their "reality" Barack Obama drove the country into utter ruin, and the only solution was to put a Republican back in power. The plan was initiated when congressional  Republicans signed a pledge refusing to compromise with any Democratic proposed legislation. It continued with years of unprecedented levels of fervent disrespect that, more often then not, hovered somewhere on the line between extreme unprofessionalism and the bigoted drunk uncle that constantly yells for minority children to "go back to Africa" from his front porch (We will revisit this drunk uncle soon, don't worry).

Their recipe for political upheaval called for two parts discontent, one part inaction, and equal splashes of fear, bigotry, xenophobia, and racism. Their science experiment in the basement spawned a monster. "Its Alive".  Donald Trump was their Frankenstein. 

The GOP spent nearly two years flaunting their new toy to the public, similar to the kid at daycare weaving his Iron Man action figure through the air, simulating flying, and making inaudible gun sounds with his mouth. Just like any new toy, Trump was able to do things Republicans wished they could do, but reality wouldn't allow them to. They wish they could tell the President to "Go back to Africa", instead, they sent their toy out to stand in front of the cameras to question his citizenship. They dreamed of the day where they could outwardly challenge his religion, instead Trump would lob subliminals into the atmosphere, calling him an "Arab" or "Muslim". Trump's drawstring voice box keyed to spew slews of political incorrectness and factless accusations combined with a kung fu action grip on a any microphone in sight made him all the more appealing to a segment of the public who (despite every fact stating proving the opposite) grasped on to his hate-speech like the gospel. Trump succeeded in creating the new "reality", one where facts were fallacies and truth was hard to come by. 

However, all new toys become old, and every monster gets outdone by an even bigger one. In this case, the honeymoon with Trump wore off, and Tea Party became the new threat. Unfortunately for the GOP elite, the Tea Party fed off of the disdain for the political establishment and channeled that furor into altering what it meant to be a "Conservative" in America. Polarization increased, the party was pulled to the extreme, and the "moderate Republican" no longer existed. The fear stricken became increasingly paranoid, bigots became more boisterous, and the Republican establishment lost its grip on control of its own party. An increasing number of Americans were living in the "reality" that Trump helped to create. 

Trump never disappeared. Frankenstein lied dormant until the time came to assume his position atop the perch of his new "reality". By 2015, his followers were plentiful, angry, politically ignorant, and (most importantly) primed for him to ascend to the top of the party. For a large portion of the Republican Party, the reality he helped to create was as real as Santa is to a toddler. The problem is, for the establishment, Trump is more Boogieman than he is Tinkerbell. And just like Frankenstein, Donald J. Trump has reached a point to where not even the mad scientist that created him can control him. 

Reality is, the Republican establishment underestimated the power of the monster they created. At a time when the party suffers from an admitted and self inflicted minority problem, they underestimated the composition of their constituency and their propensity to align with someone who openly spews hatred aimed at virtually every minority group in the country. It shouldn't surprise them that more than a third of Republicans appeal to someone who stereotypes Blacks and Hispanics, makes chauvinistic, sexist remarks towards women, and plans to commit Nazi style raids on undocumented immigrants and non-Christians. One-third of the party is, after all, comprised of remnants of or descendants of Civil Rights era Southern Democrat defectors who saw desegregation as governmental overreach. Another large segment of their constituency hails from the Evangelist bible belt, home of the most extreme strands of Christianity. The Republican homeland also fits squarely among, statistically, the least educated in the country. Therefore it shouldn't surprise the GOP that political ignorance, religious bigotry, and racist commentary is in style among their voters.

Now they face the same decisions Dr. Frankenstein were forced to consider. How do they tame the monster they created. He has surged passed the realm of political power that the party possess. They cant just put the monster down. One of the party's first interactions with Trump as he began his ascension to the top of the primary polls was to strong arm him into signing a pledge of loyalty to the party and refuse to run as an Independent candidate SHOULD he lose the nomination.Trump's followers are loyal to the fault of the Republican establishment. If he leaves, 70% of his followers go with him assuring whatever Democrat emerges their seat in the Oval. The Party is now married to Trump. Through the good and the bad. Openly embracing trump means aligning with his policies (no matter how obscure they may be). Party officials hope with every fiber of their being he is not the nominee, but the more insulting, the more politically incorrect, the more bigoted he becomes his public support grows exponentially. They claim he doesn't speak for the Party. He doesn't. He speaks for the people your party represent. He speaks for the false reality that you created, and he is using the fear, hatred, and bigotry that you used him to program them. He is your Karma... and it is coming back to bite you in the ass.