America the Ugly


On May, 29 2015, hundreds of protesters marched to a Mosque during evening prayers. Their intentions? To put their hatred of the Islamic religion on public display for the world to see. They wore "Fuck Islam" shirts, carried anti-Islam posters, and spewed hate filled venom from their mouths. 

The people attending the mosque had done nothing, we're not terrorist, were not violent. They were just minding their business. 

The media portrayed the protest as them exercising their first amendment right to protest. Dozens of these protesters were armed with assault rifles, bullet proof vest, and hand guns. The media portrayed that as exercising their second amendment right to bear arms.


Imagine if the tables were turned...


If the tables were turned and a group of Muslim AMERICANS walked up to Joel Olsteen's  church on Sunday wearing "Fuck Christianity" shirts, armed with assault rifles and bullet proof vests, there would be Breaking News, Aerial footage, SWAT teams, and analysts declaring a "war against Christianity and American values"

Three weeks later, a man walks into a black church. They opened their doors to him, prayed with him, ministered to him for an HOUR. His response? He says to the people "You're raping our women and taking over OUR COUNTRY". He unloads 6 clips, killing 9 people. The same people that welcomed him with open arms.

What do these two have in common? 

A sense of ownership.

A sense of entitlement. 

A perception that constitutionality only apply to one group.

The media praised the armed protesters at the Islamic mosque but are shocked by the killings on Charleston. They sensationalize hatred, but condemns when someone actually acts on that hatred. 

The fact of the matter is the armed protesters in Phoenix and the killer in Charleston are THE SAME PEOPLE. 

They are mad about the same thing. They are both intolerant of the same things. They both think they are protecting "their" country by waving guns in people's faces. The only difference is, one pulled the trigger.

When will the media declare a war on TOLERANCE.