Dear Don Lemon, It's Not Us... It's You

Dear Don,

In case you missed the memo, Black America is rather displeased with you. As a matter of fact, we always have been. Since the moment you stepped out of the shadows of network television and into the spotlight of prime time, your entire existence has been, in essence, a joke. I wish there was a more tactful way to express this displeasure with you, actually, no I don't. We've tried on several occasions, but for some odd reason, despite the memes, the hashtags, the articles, all of that, the message has proven to be somewhat evasive. I suppose the only option we have left is bluntness. You can leave now. We wont miss you. "Why", you ask? Allow me the opportunity to expand.

 You DO NOT speak for Black America, so stop attempting to.

Its become painful to watch your live display of shuck and jive on air these days. I understand its difficult being one of the only African American personalities in a overwhelmingly white industry. I realize there's a fine line to walk between professionalism and activism. But got dammit please... stop attempting to be the "voice of Black America". 


Its not like you haven't had the platform to find a way to do something significant for Black America. Your first shot came in a form of a prime time segment on race relations in America. At the height of the Trayvon Martin ordeal, you pitched us the top five things us black folks could do to better our standing in this great country. The absolute best that your coontastic mind could muster up? Pull up your pants?  Stop saying "nigger"? Pick up trash? Go to school? Stop having children? That's IT?!?That's your magical piece of advice? Somebody gave you an hour to discuss the ails of Black society in the United States, you sat on this shit for days, and the best you could come up with was "Pull up your PANTS".

Thank you, Don. Thank you for your contribution to the black discussion. Rather than talk about substantive problems that plague our community, you, instead, offer up a concoction of falsities and stereotypes that sounds more suitable coming from the mouth of Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly. Stop reminding us that you "grew up in the South", as if that automatically qualifies you to speak for Black America. Growing up in the South would sway you to comment on discrepancies between the majority-minority inner and their surrounding counterparts. It would lead you to report on the fact that States are passing laws that make sagging pants, and other nonsensical acts, into arrestable offenses in order to facilitate a system that keeps black males incarcerated. Instead of encouraging blacks to pick up trash, you could have mentioned the fact that infrastructure in black neighborhoods have been allowed to fail, cities are allowed to fail, right until gentrification kicks in, and THEN and only THEN does the money flow into the pockets of investors.

Since then you have strategically picked the most inopportune moments to remind us that "You aint got the answers". Ferguson? Baltimore? New York? Charleston? No matter the venue, you continuously fail us.

 really dude... 

really dude... 

When you were embedded in Ferguson, as you were surrounded by a group of peaceful protesters who writhed with discontent for a corrupt system, your prophetic contribution to the discussion was that there was a distinct smell of marijuana in the street, as if that shit isn't on the path to legalization. When Dylann Roof was captured and fed Burger King after killing 9 of our own, you were engulfed in the " Obama said Nigger" conversation. After the sixth Southern Black church went up in flames, you took it upon yourself to tweet out that, despite what everyone already knows and incomplete investigations, only 2 of 6 churches were possible arson and none were considered hate crimes... as if to say "WHOOOAAA guys, calm down. There's nothing to see here!" You condemn the burning of a Baltimore CVS but refuse to call the burning of, now, SEVEN Black churches a "hate crime". You've called our children "thugs" but defended the actions of the fraternity mother of OU's SAE chapter, you know, the one that said "There will never be a nigger in SAE".

 You have become the Al Sharpton of Mass Media

Speaking of opportunistic camera whores, we despise the way you strategically construct your rise to stardom around black pain, then seek to blend in as if you actually belong. You wait for catastrophe to strike, grab your makeup bag, and dress up in your "acceptable negro" outfit, and stand amongst the struggle... as if we want you here... as if we asked for you to speak for us. In the spectrum of black advocates, you make Roland Martin look like Malcolm X. In all actuality, had CNN possessed the fortitude to keep a strong willed, non-conformist in their ranks, he would be occupying the seat that you currently disgrace. 


You are the worst journalist on television

This is not a euphemism. This is not an exaggeration. You are widely considered THE WORST MEDIA PERSONALITY IN AMERICA. Hell, you even won a damn AWARD for it. Even when you aren't trying the black community's pseudo-revolutionary, you can't even find a way to report regular news in an acceptable fashion. In actual live air coverage... in REAL LIFE... in ALL SERIOUSNESS... you

  1. Suggested an alleged sexual  victim could have stopped her own rape by biting the assailant's penis.
  2. Conducted a skype interview with a robed KKK member.
  3. Asked a panel of aviation experts and government officials if the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was swallowed into (wait for it) a BLACK HOLE... "Like the movie Lost" (Bruh!)

You have managed to master the art of the "WTF did he just say?" moment.

If CNN reported today that you had been removed from your post, applause would ring out. Nobody would shed a tear. Nobody would miss you. Why? Because you are an embarrassment. You're a side show. A samboesque caricature of a member of a once noble profession. There are many African Americans who have paved the way for you to sit atop the perch of prime time, and you have officially shamed them all.