The Revolution of Revolutions

I had a conversation with my Phrat brothers in April about race relations in America. It was pretty contentious because I took the stance that the current state is no better now than it was during the 60's. They all disagreed.

As an observer of history, I used the following to justify my position...

Since the election of Barack Obama, we have witnessed:

1. The dismantling of The Voters Right Act by the supreme court.

2. The destruction of the public school system in at least 12 metropolitan areas.

3. Accelerated gentrification  (reverse white flight)

4. Countless unarmed african americans executed by police with no accountability.

5. The bombing of an NAACP headquarters in Colorado.

6. Armed military responses to peaceful protests similar to Selma.

7. Increased incarceration of minorities

8. Lynchings in Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama.

9. The infiltration of the Ku Klux Klan in police departments across the country including at the highest level of decision making.

10. The implementation of voter restriction laws aimed directly at the systemic disenfranchisement of minorities.

 look familiar?

look familiar?

At the end of my argument I said, "The only thing they aren't doing is bombing our churches"...


I spoke too soon, because now they just walk in the front door make themselves comfortable,  THEN start killing us in cold blood.

What's even more troubling is the reason we may be worse off than we were 50 years ago is because we are easily distracted, easily deterred, easily satisfied, and have lost the overall will to fight. Our youth are disconnected from reality and our movements take place on social media.

But hey we got a half black president so things GOTTA be better... right?