"Institutional Racism No Longer Exists"?

At 7:23 pm on Thursday, June 18, 2015, the Wall Street Journal released an editorial contributed to its editorial board as a whole. It's title, "The Charleston Shooting"

Less than 24 hours after the killing of 9 people, the WSJ editorial board decided to pen an article stating that in the case of Dylann Roof, he is a lone wolf, deranged human who, despite his motivations, "stands alone".

 The "Lone Wolf"

The "Lone Wolf"

They continue to criticize president Obama for invoking the 1963 Birmingham bombing at the 16th Street church. They state that "The U.S., notably THE SOUTH has moved forward to replace the system that enabled racist killings like those at the Birmingham church". My response is, what "America" have they been living in?

So what does institutionalized racism look like to them? Well they give you a definition.

"Back then and before, the institutions of government - police, courts, organized segregation- often worked to protect the perpetrators of racially motivated violence, rather than their victims"...

Their words... not mines. 

Let's evaluate the Charleston Massacre through their lens of analysis and judge it by their criteria of what constitutes "institutional racism".

About 8 hours before The WSJ spilled their half thought opinion onto the page, the killer was apprehended, placed in a bullet proof vest, and brought Burger King. (Police protecting the perpetrator)

Soon after his arrest, Roof confessed to the killing, and to wanting to start a race war. Witnesses confirm by making statements prior to hus arrest that said the same, investigators right off declared this a hate crime. Seems pretty cut and dry, right? Not to Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindhal, Lindsey Graham, and other SOUTHERN REPUBLICAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS who in unison declared they didn't want to "rush to judgement" as to what his motivations were, despite him actually TELLING THE WORLD what his motivations were. Some refused to acknowledge the concept of race AT ALL... calling it an attack on... get this... RELIGION (Government protecting the perpetrator)

The judge initially appointed to oversee his trial has a documented history of racism. So much so, he was reprimanded for using racial slurs in a TRIAL. His first act as overseer? Ask the community to pray for the KILLERS family. (Courts protecting the perpetrator)

What the Wall Street Journal fails to realize is that the very article they chose to author and publish, in the midst of a tragedy, asking America to eliminate institutional racism as a factor, is in of itself an example of institutional racism. In the days following, every mass media outlet struggled to identify the motive of RACISM despite every indicator pointing to it. HE TOLD YOU SO HIMSELF, but yet you still tried to blame it on everything other than it actually is. Every time you ask one of those questions: is he mentally ill, is it an attack on religion, he's a lone wolf... every time you ignore racism as a motivation for much of American  societal ills, you are committing a racist act. Mitigation of racism IS racism. (The media protecting the perpetrator)

The fact that South Carolina continues to fly the most identifiable symbol of segregation and southern racism over the states capital is institutional racism. As flags were lowered across the state and nation to half-mast, the Confederate Flag remained at its peak.

The Wall Street Journal's article had two transcendent flaws. 

1. It completely ignored the impact racism on this individual case. 


2. It declared institutional racism dead and gone, despite evidence of the contrary. 

What about housing?

What about education? 

What about voting rights?

What about immigration? 

What about the last 2 years of protest against, ummmm INSTITUTIONAL RACISM in the policing system and in the court system. 

However they claim "Today the system and philosophy of institutionalized racism identified by Dr. King no longer exists."

In their haste, The WSJ, declared that the King Era of southern racism, and institutional racism in its entirety are a "world away" from what happened in Charleston. 

I ask them... what world are they living in?